SECFIN cater its services to clients of various industries locally and


Doing Business in Malaysia - pondering over what types of vehicle to use:

  • A Private Limited (Sdn. Bhd.) or
  • A Public Company


Setting up a Branch Office
Registering for a Representative or Regional Office for research & development or a collection center.
Do I have a reliable qualified Company Secretary to take care of the Statutory Compliance under Companies Act 2016 which was enforced w.e.f. 31st January 2017
Yearly Compliance for Limited Companies registered with CCM:-
  • Filing of Annual Return to CCM within the stipulated timeline.
  • Circulation of Audited Financial Statements to the Members within the stipulated time required by the Companies Act.
  • Lodgement of Financial Statements to CCM within the prescribed timeline.
Statutory Compliances
After having decided a vehicle to set up the business in Malaysia, it is quite normal to think about:
  • ensure the Registers of the Company are properly maintained & kept.
  • ensure all notifications returns are prepared & lodged timely.
  • conversant with meeting procedure of the Directors & Members.
  • conversant with statutory requirement under the Companies Act 2016.
  • Advisory on getting the work permit for foreign directors & professional staff.
  • Advisory & Application for manufacturing licence and the relevant expatriate posts.
  • Distribution of Retained Profits and Reserved Accounts which entails statutory procedures.
  • Solvency Test requirements & Director Solvency Statement.
  • Extract of Companies Data Report from CCM.


As Employer for the first time and do not know what to do in relation to compliance with the requirements of the authorities or having busy schedule & limited resources, we can assist you in your payroll.


We cater the following payroll services to assist you (Employer) to comply with the requirement of the relevant authorities such as EPF, SOCSO and Inland Revenue Board in relation to the Employees under your employment:-

  • Registration of your company as Employer with EPF, SOCSO and Inland Revenue Board
  • Prepare monthly Payroll of your Employees
  • Submit monthly EPF, SOCSO, EIS contributions and PCB (Monthly Tax Deduction) to the respective Authorities
  • Prepare yearly Return of Employer on its Employee's Remuneration (Form E) and Statement of Employee's Remuneration (Form EA)
Company Restructuring and Consultancy of a Group of Companies by way of entity restructuring or various types of shares restructuring.
Closure of companies by way of:
  • Application to the Companies Commission of Malaysia for strike off
  • Members Voluntary Winding up
  • Creditors' Voluntary Winding up


Business Expansion Overseas

SECFIN has the connection with reliable overseas affiliates to advise and carry out your instruction.
Local Statutory Compliance
SECFIN affiliates with other Professional Expertise to provide a package of services for the clients' convenience under the ONE STOP FINANCIAL SERVICE CENTRE in the following areas:

  • Financial Audit & Assurances
  • Internal Audit
  • Tax Compliance & Tax Planning - for individual & corporates
  • Indirect Taxes - goods & service tax, withholding tax etc.
  • Individual Tax Registration & Compliances for Expatriates working in Malaysia
  • Accounting Services
  • Appointment of Licensed Official Receiver & Liquidator
Strategic Professional Partners
1) Mustapha, Khoo & Co. (AF:0599)
- Audit Services

2) MK Dyna Tax Services Sdn Bhd 200701009101 (767103-A)
- Tax Services

3) MK Consult Group (KL) Sdn Bhd 199301011333 (266070-M)
- Accounting Services